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US Army is losing a battle against fraud contractors

Convicted Lebanese contractor-Tony Abi Saab is winning US contracts through his shell companies.

Fraud and Corruption Mars the Shadowy Contractor Brescia Middle East in US governed Afghanistan

As usual, Tony Abi Saab defrauded the US in Afghanistan with a scam contracting system.

How a Lebanon national Tony Abi Saab enticed war in Syria

Terrorist groups in Syria are getting easy access to weapons through Lebanon-based weapon companies Brescia Middle East and Tactica Ltd.

Who is helping terrorists to continue the killing of innocent civilians of Syria

Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar are equipping terrorists with weapons.

Global arms dealer hiding his crimes under his only legal company in Lebanon

The role of imperialism has given rise to many Islamic fundamentalistic groups and illegal arms dealers to create barbaric situations and killing of people. Today we are talking about the infamous Tony Abi Saab.

No articles to be found on the internet about fraudster Tony Abi Saab

It is strange that no media channels have followed the story of Tony Abi Saab’s arrest in the Middle East. He is an illegal arms dealer who does shady business in Europe and the Middle East without fearing to authorities.

War in Afghanistan and Syria turns Lebanon into supermarket for illegal weapons

The war in Syria and Afghanistan has led to the uncontrolled spread of firearms throughout the country. Lebanon is the hub for illegal arms trafficking activities where weapons are being smuggled out of the country to the terrorist groups, destined for conflict zones in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The expose of illegal arms trade of Lebanon national

Somebody once said that war is terrible but we know that it is terribly profitable too. Capitalism has developed with speed of light in the last two decades. It has given people the opportunity to make the world a better place to live in. But people like Tony Abi Saab takes advantages of capitalism and is making the world a hell place to survive in.

The Saab s group using their network to ship arms and weapons in the Middle East and Afghanistan

The power of the few businessmen has nothing to the lives of innocent people.Their main objective is to earn profit even if its costing the world peace, environment or deaths of their own kind.One such live example is Tony Abi Saab from Lebanon.

BME and Sima Salazar Group have a possible criminal link, doubts FBI

Till now, the president of Sima Salazar international, Raymond Azar is convicted for conspiracy, bribing the US officials and inflated invoices in construction contracts but the US investigation team doubts the real mastermind of the multimillion dollars fraud is still roaming free.