April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Brescia Middle East duped millions of the US Army

BME banned in the US on the charges of money laundering, arms smuggling, fraud, and bribery

Tony Abi Saab is earning in millions through the smuggling of contraband weapons, fraud, and money laundering. His front company, Brescia Middle East has become one of the leading arms dealing with companies globally. He has been getting military contracts legally and dealing with rebel groups secretly.

BME is accused of money laundering, smuggling weapons by using fake End User Certificates on weapons to trespass the borders of Syria, Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan, and running ghost companies around the world. The shell companies accept weapons demands of terrorists for the profit.

Tony’s main company, BME defrauded the US Army of USD 5 million dollars and laundered the money of its shell companies--Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, Brixia, and SIMAINT. These companies are barred from the US, but they are still active in the Middle East and Europe.

Tony was caught in a sting operation orchestrated by the US Army against him. He was arrested while bribing an FBI officer who was wearing a wire for the US Army, with hard cash and valuable documents. Tony stood a trial in the US civil court instead of the criminal court, this helped his lawyer to defend him easily.

The Lebanon businessman is fueling violence and conflict around the world by helping the Anti-army groups. His evil deeds are not properly exposed in the internationally, that’s why he still receives some of the military contracts. Tony has put millions of lives in danger just for his own profit. He is yet to get punishment for his heinous crimes as he escaped the heavy jail term due to a technicality in the circuit court.

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