April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

War crime accused Tony Abi Saab travels to the war-torn countries and smuggles weapons

Illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is yet to be jailed

Smuggling of contraband weapons has fuelled violence and conflicts, mostly in, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Terrorists purchase hi-tech weapons from powerful business tycoons like Tony Abi Saab..

Lebanon-native Tony Abi Saab is the owner of an international arms and weapons dealing company Brescia Middle East. Through his main company BME, he supplies weapons to the terrorists as well as to the military forces. BME is a legal arms dealing company but it part-times doing business with the rebel groups in exchange of hefty tax-free profits.

Despite allegations of trafficking weapons and running ghost companies, Tony travels freely in the EU and do shady businesses. His shell companies are in Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, and Serbia which buys expensive weapons, shotguns, and smart ammunition.

The US Army indicted Tony Abi Saab’s company Brescia Middle East (BME) of contractual fraud for 5 million USD and running ghost companies. He was flown to the US to stand a trial. But, he played smartly by diverting his case to a civil court instead of a military court. He didn’t serve a jail term because of a technicality in a circuit court.

Tony is fuelling war for his own profits and he bothers least about the dying people in the war zone countries. He has set up most of his illegal businesses of arms smuggling and fake contracting in Europe. Despite his arrest and hearing in the US court, his travel visa is not revoked.

EU border should update their policies to keep track of the border checks and visa issuance to stop serious crimes like weapons smuggling. Also, the EU should maintain a database of people who have been accused or convicted of weapons smuggling and pleaded their cases to a civil court. Such people should not be allowed to enter EU territory. The updated policies will restrict the travel of people like Tony Abi Saab, hence, the crime rate will reduce.

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