March, 13 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Fraudsters Tony and Raymond defrauded multimillion dollars of the US Army

Two Lebanese pulled off multimillion dollars fraud without grabbing the attention of the US authorities for over five years

The reason Afghanistan is facing the heat of terrorism, Syria is being destructed, and Iran is still losing its military men to terrorists, is because there is a black sheep in the civil society we live. There are people like Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar who pretend to be concerned about the violence and conflicts around the world but in reality, they bother least about the misery of people and more about the profits pouring in their bank accounts due to wars.

Military efforts in these countries are wearing down due to heavily armed amateur terrorists who purchase the high-tech weapons from corrupt businessmen like Tony Abi Saab to execute their heinous activities against innocent civilians. Tony owns Brescia Middle East which is an international arms dealing company in Lebanon. BME had been supplying weapons to the terror groups in vulnerable regions for the sake of his own profits which fuelled wars.

The intelligence team of the United States found that Tony and his partner-in-crime Raymond Azar were running ghost companies G2 Armory and Bennet-Fouch who swindled 5 million dollars of the US defense and was owned by a non-existent alias “Sarah Lee”. The companies disappeared after the fraud.
Raymond is a friend and a close family relative of Tony who works on the instructions of the Abi Saabs. Azar's company Sima Salazar Group embezzled multi-million dollars of the US Army in construction contracts fraud.

Raymond and Tony were caught red-handed in a sting operation orchestrated against the fraudsters in Afghanistan in 2009. They were flown to the US court to stand the trial. Raymond was punished with ten years of jail and paid 15 million dollars of penalty. Tony was charged for grievous crimes like money laundering, selling weapons and guns to the terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, and running ghost companies. But, Tony got free without serving a single day in jail due to a technicality in circuit court.

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