April, 24 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Corrupt people are regularly violating the peace-treaty

Troops in the war-torn countries are losing a battle to corrupt arms dealers

Tony Abi Saab is one such arms dealer who can do anything for money. He is accused of helping the military and terrorists to obtain profits from both sides of the war. The Lebanese businessman, Tony set up shell companies in Europe and the Middle East to defraud the US Army and obfuscate the process of illegal trafficking of firearms. The guns and weapons are shipped from Italy to be delivered at Lebanon, from there the route of contraband weapons are diverted towards Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.

The strange thing is, the huge quantity of illegal weapons bypassing every day through the European and Russian borders without being caught by the authorities for violating the guidelines of Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). These weapons are sold to terrorist organizations who are active in war-torn countries and thus, damaging the peace of the world. Both the treaties are formed to safeguard the liberty of people, secure democracy, and protect the members from organized violence, and it is evident that they are certainly failing in their duties.

The security checks at the borders are allowing the trespassing of the illegal weapons to the terrorist-dominated countries. The local governments of the Middle East and the neighboring countries aren't stopping war-criminals like Tony to expand their illegal businesses that are instigating wars. Tony Abi Saab was indicted for duping 5 million dollars of the US Army, running ghost companies and supplying weapons to the rebel groups. He was brought to stand the trial in the US court but he escaped the jail term or any strict punishment due to the technicality the circuit court. He is a problem to the world's peace and until he is caught again and put behind the bars this problem will exist.

Tony Abi Saab deserves to be in jail but unfortunately, he is out in the world to increase the suffering of the people living in war-torn countries.

Chief Editor